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To provide caring support for deployed military members in all branches of service to our country no matter where they are stationed in the world. This is accomplished through letters, cards, care packages, and special holiday packages to raise their spirits and show them America has not forgotten them.
We are not about the politics, or the war...we are about taking care of our families, friends, and neighbors who are far from home. Everyone today knows someone who is deployed, was deployed or will be deployed. Our troops give us the freedom to be safe in our homes and they should be able to do their duty with at least some of the small comforts of home we enjoy every day.


It is very easy to say we support our troops, it is another thing entirely to show you support them.
In early 2002 I found out my son's unit of the PAANG was going to be deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. It was a scary time, soon after 9/11 and all of the family members involved were concerned about their safety. I started a small website where freinds and family could keep in touch with their loved ones overseas and our soldiers could see that we were taking care of things at home. Soon other units from PA started asking if they could use the website too. By the time troops stared moving into Iraq in March of 2003 we were getting requests from lots of military families to join us and asking for some basic essential items to be shipped to our troops. There were no PXs or stores to buy things we have come to take for granted like toilet tissue, hand sanitizer and decent snacks. As the need grew our mission was expanded to find a way to get these items to those in need.

To date Keystone Soldiers has helped thousands of troops in service to our country, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but all over the world and yes, even in the USA. All our requests come directly from the troops, their families or someone who knows a soldier not receiving mail from home. We have provided love, support and encouragement to anyone who is in need. We do our best to make sure every soldier, sailor, marine and airman knows they are respected by many people back home. No request is ever turned away and while we may not always be able to send them video game systems, microwaves or coffee machines we still can usually meet their most pressing needs for basic comfort items and words of support from home.

We are a 100% volunteer non profit organization that ships every week as long as we have money for postage. We try to ship at least 50 boxes every week. At any given time we have between 1,200 and 6,000 names on our list waiting for packages to arrive. All our packages are custom made depending on the needs and requests of the troops, their area of deployment and items we have available. Every package also contains letters & cards from supporters, pictures drawn by school children and notes of encouragement. While we specialize in troops from PA our packages go to military members from every state and we have even sent assistance to units from England and Australia.

Through our organization and website you can show your support for our U.S. troops by becoming a volunteer, holding a fundraiser, collecting items on our list for packages, writing letters and cards to our troops or sponsoring a care package (or several!). You may also make a donation to help with postage or you can sponsor a special care package to one of our troops. There are opportunities available for anyone interested in helping no matter if you have a lot of money or very little. Just pick up the phone and call us or send an email with Volunteer in the subject line.

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